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Some lines in Ticino

After Font I was completely psyched for Bouldering in fact I spent  some days in Ticino but each day in a different spots.
The first bouldering place where I climbed was Cresciano, definitely the place that I have visited less in Ticino.
In Cresciano, I climbed some classics like:
-Vol au vent 7a Flash
- Il Partner Original 7b Flash
-Hannibal Lecter 7b/+ Flash
-La Pioche 7b+ Flash
- La Nave va 7c+
La Nave Va Cresciano (CH)

 Chironico is the spot that I climbed more in the last years, but I had the curiosity to check a new sector and new boulders for me, it is called Shattental. This sector is situated near a river in fact many boulders are smooth and featured by slopers.
In one day I climbed:
-Powerstrips 7b Flash
-Nobody ist der grobte 7b+
-Bridge Over Trouble Waters 7c+/8a 
Bridge Over Trouble Waters Chironico (CH)

One month later I came back to Chironico but I went to Nivo Basso sector and unfortunately all the boulders were completely wet except two lines, Made in Norway and Made in Ticino. 
After a fast warm up I sent the two only dry lines in Chironico.
-Made in Norway 7b 2nd go
-Made in Ticino 7c

In Brione, probably one the best  bouldering place I have climbed because the rock quality is amazing and a lot of perfect granite boulders surrounded this special mountain place.
In one day I sent two fantastic lines:
-7c+ open by Samuel Ometz
- Black Pearl 8a/+ 

Black Pearl Brione (CH)
The link of the Video: Some lines in Ticino

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