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One week in Frankenjura

The Frankenjura was in mind for a long period, I had the desire to be in contact with this environment and this style of climbing but I never  had the opportunity to visit it. One evening Gabri Moroni sent me a message and he asked to my brother and I if we are interested to spend one week in Frankenjura. We were super sycked and motivated to leave again from the boring routine days, so we accepted the Gabri’s request so Gabri, Marco, Ema and me prepared the stuffs and we left for the Germany.
After six hour of car we were in Frankenjura, the sun was shining but we still not too tired so we decided to climb some routes to test the new kind of rock. We opted for Eldorado sector because it is very close to the flat that we rent. This crag is featured by a small steep wall just above a playground area. “No more babysitting for neurotic girl today”  was our first route because it was the easiest one; then we move without fear on “Nightmare” a famous  8b composed by only 9 moves on pockets.
In the firts go I menaged to climb all the single moves but I felt a bit tired from the long trip but I wanted just climbing without any expectations. On  my sencond go I did a mistake at the very top of the route I felt a bit weak and tired but I wanted to get another try. At 3rd go everything went very well and I managed to send the route. I realised that the trip was starting in the best way so I was incredibly sycked for the next days
Nightmare, Eldorado sector.
The next day we checked Bärenschlucht sector, that is good place close to a big camping where a lot of families spent many days  to stay in contact with nature and to practice many activities like: cycling, hiking but grilling meat is the most important thing that they do.
 We climbed two 7a for warming up and then Ema, Marco and I looked the guidebook to find a project for the day. "Subway" 8b was the one
This route seems to be a sea wave so it is really steep but it is short like many routes in Franken. it is s composed by a fantastic  double dyno, from a mono for the RH and a good shoulder crimp for the LH, to a jug and then follow  powerful moves on pockets and little crimps. On my  first tries I had difficulties to find the right way to get the dyno and some moves in the middle part. The weather was also not so good because just before my last try the rain come. I started really focused and finally I did weird  dyno and I continued to climb all the route until the rest-jug few meters below the chain. I shaked my forearm and with the rain that fell on my face I clipped the chain.
The third day the weather was really bad but we were so sycked to climb in all kind of conditions so we checked Hoelzgauer sector. Our warm up was very fast but we climbed good lines like Ostwand 7a+ and another 6 grade route.
The first route that Gabri racommended to me to climb was "Casablanca" 8a+, a steep roof with physical moves; I felt some moves harder then they are because I was not enough warmed for this kind of tension moves and because this type of climbing doesn’t siut my style very well. On my second attempt I sent it without  any mistake.  The day was still long so I decided to try Ema’s proj called “Blowjob" 8a+ but it is completely different from the first one. This route is almost vertical with  a cool boulder at the first two quickdraws where you have to stick a small one finger pocket and get into a small li pfor the RH. The second part was mostly like endurance and technical climbing on little crimps and tiny pockets. I was able to complete also this route on my second go finishing the day as well as it started.
Casablanca, Hoelzgauer sector.
The rain didn’t seem to quite and the painful of the fingers rised so we took a rest day in order to be ready and well rested when the weather would become better.
The 5th day we woke up hopeful for good condition but the rain continued to hit the forest, so we moved to Zwergenschloss sector, a quite big cave where you can climb when it rain. I tried “Linie 1” an amazing 8b/b+, probably one of the best routes I tried in this trip but I wasn’t in a good shape and the conditions didn’t help me so I wasn’t able to climb it, in my best attempt I fell in the last move of the hard section grabbing a good crimp, I was really disappointed because I had the desire to climb that line.
The sixth day we came back in Bärenschlucht sector because my brother wanted to try Subway again, so I decided to try a route called “Queeel Dich, Du Sau” situated in front of Bärenschlucht sector, precisely in the Erinnerungswand sector. This route is graded 8b/b+ and it’s way longer than I was used to find there. It is a bouldery route anyway, composed by two parts; the first one is characterized by a long bouldery sections on little crimps and pockets than allow to join a perfect no hands rest. The final section consists in a short boulder on small pockets with slopy feet-holds with few pumpy moves on slopers to reach the top of the route. In my first go I felt it hard but I was able to climb all the moves so I was so sycked for the second go. I put up my shoes I started for the second go, my hands was a bit cold so I climbed all the first part with some problems but with a big fight I get the rest point anyway, I relaxed till I felt ready for climbing again. Everything went very well, I got the last boulder and with some screams and with a forearm super pumped I clipped the chain.
I was really surprised an unbelievable about what I was able to climb probably one of my biggest effort. 
The seventh day we went to Maximilianwand sector, probably one of my favourite sector of the trip, composed by a big number of cliffs surrounded by an amazing forest so was increadible stay in conctact with that place. The first two routes that I climbed was "Free Will" 7a+ and "Amazonenpfeiler" 7b  bolted by Wolfgang Gullich in the 1981. Marco and I tried maybe our short route ever, an 8a+ called “Bad brain” featured by a one move only to grab quite good pocket with the RH but Marco found a different beta, he used a heel hooking with the RF in order to stay higher and to reach the pocket more static. I tried it with his beta and I almost flashed it, I reached the pocket but the heel hook slipped off so I wasn’t able to get the swing. The second go was the replay of the firts one but in the third go I grabbed the pockets and I climbed all the route.
Free Will, Maximilianwand sector.
The last day we checked Rotestein sector where there is The Essential 9a, one of the hardest route that inspired me more. I felt really tired and with a bad skin but I was super motivated anyway so I tried “Die Kante” 8a+ that follow a perfect technical arete composed by crimps, pockets and pinches. In the first two attempts I was disappointed because I wasn’t able to find my beta so I felt it really hard. In my third go I climbed all the moves really well and I crusched it. I was super sycked to have climbed this gem but I was sad at the same time because I knew that this route was the last one of the trip.
When I left the Germany I thought back to all of the good moments I spent with my friends in this magic forest and the fantastic lines I tried and climbed made me smile again.

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