sabato 17 ottobre 2015

Rocklands, South Africa

The trip in South Africa was amazing, probably the best experience in my climbing career for sure. I spent one month completely in touch with a amazing and super wild enviroment and I had the opportunity to climb on a perfect rock quality and understand all the process that the professional rock climbers lived during their trips.
The pass, Rocklands  Ph. Marco Zanone

Our crew was composed by Marco (my bro), Luca Rinaldi, Gabri Moroni and I.
We were extremely motivated to spent all the time possible on climbing, to be able to repeat the hardest and the more beautiful lines of Rocklands

On our way to get the Roadside sector  Ph. Marco Zanone
Here is my ticklist of all the boulders I was able to climb during the month, in order of grade:
-Golden Shadow 8b/+ ***
-The Vice 8b ****
-Mooiste Meisie 8b *****
-El Corazon 8b *****
-Black Shadow 8a+ ****
-Monkey Business 8a+ ***
-The power of one 8a+ ****
-Armed Response 8a+ ***
-First Blood 8a ***
-Gliding through the waves like dolphins 8a ***
-Shosholoza 8a ****
-Leap of Faith 8a ***
-Nutsa 8a ***
-Royskopp 8a ****
-Witness the Sickness 8a (Flash) ****
-Green Mamba 8a ****
-Tea with Elmarie 8a ***
-Barracuda 7c+ (Flash) *****
-Une rime stupide 7c+ (Flash) ***
-The Hatchling 7c+ (Flash) *****
-Hole in one 7c ***
-Splash of red 7c (Flash) *****
-King of covenience 7c ***
-Golden Virginia 7c ***
-Battle of the skink 7c (Flash) ***
-Caroline 7c (Flash) *****
-Pinotage 7b+ (Flash) ****
-Ulan Bator 7b+ ****
-Cedar Spine 7b (Flash) *****
-Ron ron et caramel 7b (Flash) ***
- The Rhyno 7b (Flash) *****

Armed Response 8a+  Ph. Marco Zanone

Black Shadow 8a+  Ph. Marco Zanone

Green Mamba 8a  Ph. Marco Zanone

Caroline 7c  Ph. Marco Zanone

The power of one 8a+  Ph. Marco Zanone

The Hatchling 8a  Ph. Marco Zanone

El Corazon 8b  Ph. Marco Zanone

Mooiste meisie 8b  Ph. Marco Zanone
Shosholoza 8a  Ph. Marco Zanone

The Vice 8b  Ph. Marco Zanone

Rocklands Ph. Marco Zanone

Roadside sector Ph. Marco Zanone

Stars  Ph. Marco Zanone
The Rhyno 7b+  Ph. Marco Zanone

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